BOOK REVIEW: Protagonist Bound by Geanna Culbertson

Hi friends!

I was so excited to receive an ecopy of Protagonist Bound! Thank you so much to Geanna Culbertson for sending me an ecopy of your book in exchange for a review! ✨ I have been on a middle grade book craze lately so when the author reached out, the blurb caught my attention immediately!

Author: Geanna Culbertson

Pages: 434
I was going to be a great protagonist. At least that’s what my mom, Cinderella, kept telling me. I, however, had my doubts. Unlike most main characters at Lady Agnue’s School for Princesses & Other Female Protagonists, I was opinionated, bold, and headstrong.

Moreover, for a princess, I had a lot of issues. I’m talking vicious nightmares about people I’ve never met, a total stalker prince, and a Fairy Godmother for an enemy. But I digress. Because here’s the thing about living in an enchanted realm of fairytale characters, crazy junk you never planned on happens all the time. One minute you could be practicing fainting exercises in Damsels in Distress class, sword fighting in a field, or flying on a Pegasus, and the next, BAM! Your book has begun and you’re saddled with a prophecy that changes everything.

I still don’t know if I will be a great protagonist one day. But I know one thing about my fate, for certain. Despite what The Author and the antagonists have in store for me, whatever it costs. . .I’ll be the one taking charge of my own story.

My thoughts on this book:

This book is about the children of classic fairytale characters living in world of Book and they’re learning to become protagonists of their own stories along with other non royal protagonists by going to these academies or schools that teach them how to. Crisanta, the daughter of Cinderella, however doesn’t want to be constrained by the rules of living out a story bound life so she sets out on an adventure with her friends 😍

The writing style was fun and easy to understand which I really appreciated! The overall worldbuilding was really enjoyable, this was such a unique story with some awesome elements that I really loved reading about! 💜 the author really put a lot of thought and research behind it so it was definitely an amazing experience for me to read about!

I really like the message being shared throughout this book. Its clear that Crisanta wants change and isn’t afraid to be different that the rest. It’s such a powerful message to read and learn about no matter who you are!

The characters were also very intriguing 😍 Blue is such a fun character and I’d love to learn more about her and ooh Daniel as well! ✨ He’s such a mysterious character so it’s pretty interesting 👀 can’t wait to read more about them!

So overall this book was quite the magical read and I really enjoyed this read! It was something light and easy 😍 I definitely hope to read the next book soon! I have a feeling my little sister would really enjoy this book as well!

I rated it a 3.5/5 🌟!!

Would I recommend this book?

If you’re looking for a fun middle grade novel filled with excitement, hints of magic and flying horses, definitely check this book out!✨

I hope all of you have a wonderful day! ✨

Until the next blog post,
– the Joyful Reader❤️

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