ARC REVIEW: The Forevers by Chris Whitaker

Hi friends! I’m back with an ARC review!

Thank you so much to Pansing for sending me an ARC of The Forevers in exchange for an honest review 💜 if you want to read this book, don’t forget to check it out in all the good bookstores when it releases on July 8th!

Author: Chris Whitaker
Pages: 355
Release Date: 8th July 2021
30 days until the end of the world.
What would you do?
Accept your destiny and join THE FOREVERS
Asteroid Selena will be crashing into Earth 8th July 2021.

My thoughts on this book:

I was really excited to get into this book, because of the pre-apocalyptic concept (I don’t think I’ve ever read a book with that!)

Throughout this book, I was pretty much confused, the writing style wasn’t very easy to understand and the story didn’t flow for me at all. I thought it would make more sense later into the book but I feel like it got more perplexing. Maybe it was the author’s intentions but it just wasn’t for me 😅

I also had a hard time connecting to the characters, I felt that I wasn’t connected to the story through them as I usually would when reading books. It was a bit off putting for me so I had a hard time enjoying it.

There were a few things I liked such as the humor of some of the characters and the concept of the story. While the concept was interesting, I felt like it could’ve been delivered better because I had a hard time understanding the whole point of the book.

Overall it wasn’t my favorite book but I didn’t outright dislike it either.

I rated it a 2/5 🌟!!

Would I recommend this book?
I personally wouldn’t, but if you’re looking for a story with a unique concept, this could be the book for you!

I hope all of you have a wonderful day! ✨

Until the next blog post,
– the Joyful Reader❤️

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