BOOK REVIEW: Rebel Skies by Ann Sei Lin

Hi friends! I’m back with a book review!

Thanks to Pansing for sending me a copy of Rebel Skies in exchange for an honest review! Make sure to check out this book available now in all good bookstores! ✨

I also have an awesome giveaway for this book running over on my bookstagram @joyfulreader so make sure to check that out! 🥳

Author: Ann Sei Lin

Blurb: Teen fantasy adventure set in a world of flying ships and sky cities, where chosen ones have the ability to bring paper to life and work as Crafters – people who hunt wild paper spirits called shikigami. Inspired by Asian culture and exploring themes of empire, slavery and freedom.

Kurara has never known any other life than being a servant on board the Midori, but when her party trick of making paper come to life turns out to be a power treasured across the empire, she joins a skyship and its motley crew to become a Crafter. Taught by the gruff but wise Himura, Kurara learns to hunt shikigami – wild paper spirits who are sought after by the Princess.

But are these creatures just powerful slaves for the Crafters and the empire, or are they beings with their own souls – and yet another thing to be subjugated by the powerful Emperor and his Princess?

My thoughts:

Wow I’m absolutely just blown away but how delightful and magical this story was! It was such a simple story but I was so captivated but the world building, characters, and their banter 😍😍

Like I said the world building and the world of ?? in general the descriptions were just so breathtaking, I just want to live there 🥺 The paper bending aspect was extremely cool and unique and I felt that it took origami which can be so simple and also so complicated into an incredible power. I kept thinking of this book as a movie cause the descriptions would just be so cool to see on the big screen! 🥺

I really enjoyed how the story was paced with the back and forth POVs, some might think it could get complicated but I found it enlightening and it offered a better insight into what the other characters were thinking.

Tomeo is probably my favorite character, her personality and her vibes are just immaculate and I definitely want to know more about her backstory! Kurara, the main character, was interesting but she definitely could’ve been more developed as a character.

Overall, I’m absolutely enthralled with this beautiful book. I’m definitely looking forward to immerse myself in the sequel!

My Rating: 4/5 ✨

Would I recommend this book?
YES! Especially if you want a magical Asian fantasy with a super cool and unique paper bending wielder, make sure to check out Rebel Skies! 😍

I hope all of you have a magical day! ✨

Until the next blog post,
– The Joyful Reader❤️

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