BOOK REVIEW: Come True by Brindi Quinn

Hi friends! I’m so excited to share my thoughts on Come True with y’all! This was definitely an adventure and make sure to check out the link and blurb below if you’re interested in getting a copy of this book for yourself! 🥳 You can purchase the book on Amazon: Author: Brindi QuinnBlurb: A jadedContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Come True by Brindi Quinn”

BOOK REVIEW: Vespertine by Margeret Rogerson

Hi friends! I’ve been so excited to read Vespertine ever since I heard about it because I was OBSESSED with Sorcery of Thorns so I have really high hopes for this book! My full thoughts are below! Thank you so much to Pansing for sending me a copy of Vespertine in exchange for my honestContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Vespertine by Margeret Rogerson”

Audiobook Review: The Inadequate Heir by Danielle L Jensen

Hi friends! Brb sobbing and crying because WHAT WAS THAT?! I’m so sorry if this review is all over the place because I just can’t organize my thoughts properly and these words are practically just flying out. OKAY JOY FOCUS. Author: Danielle L Jensen Blurb: A soldier raised as heir to an empire, Zarrah isContinue reading “Audiobook Review: The Inadequate Heir by Danielle L Jensen”

BOOK REVIEW: The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood

I’m so excited to be sharing my thoughts on The Love Hypothesis! I’ve been seeing the book all over my timeline so I was definitely intrigued! AND I’m SO glad that I picked it up immediately because get ready for me to gush about how amazing this book is and why! Author: Ali Hazelwood Synopsis:Continue reading “BOOK REVIEW: The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood”